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Recently the Co-op has been facing many difficulties. With the help of those willing few who have stepped up to help, we have managed to deal with these trials. However, we are not out of the woods yet. We know that some of our owners cannot make it out to shop or volunteer a lot, which is why we are promoting our Go Fund Me page. For those who want to give to the Co-op and take part, even in the simplest of ways, in creating a better community, this is the way to do it. So please click on the link below and donate. It doesn’t have to be $50 or $100 or more. It can be $5 or $10. Anything you can spare will help us. All we want is to provide the community we love with the amazing groceries it deserves. Thank you.

About SSFC

Beans & Greens is a non for profit local grocery store located in downtown Homewood. We carry a variety of options like gluten free mixes, pasta, sweets, and flour, dairy free foods, organic and locally grown produce (GMO free), environmentally friendly and chemical free household items, and natural supplements. We are opened to the public and member operated, which means that all who become members have a say in what gets decided.
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