About Us

Rev-2-Beans&Greens_NX2AWhat is the Beans & Greens Fresh Market?
We are a food co-op that was formed in 1974. Our purpose is to supply the community with fresh, local, and organic produce, non-GMO, gluten free, vegan, and otherwise nutritious goods and environmentally friendly household items. We are a non-profit organization that is 100% owned and operated by members. Our goal is to work together to better ourselves and our community, without the profit motive.

Why Should You Join?
Well, good question! First, by becoming an OWNER of the co-op you are helping us promote a better lifestyle and non-chemical foods. Also, while the co-op may be open to the public, there are some benefits that are available only to owners. What are those special privileges?

Benefits for Owners:

  • You become a partial owner
  • You can attend board meetings
  • You can join the board after a year of ownership
  • You can join our community outreach team
  • You will be invited to special events, yearly pot lucks, and appreciation days
  • You can help with decision making regarding changes in the co-op
  • You can special order any item from our catalogs
  • You can volunteer at the co-op or community garden for discounts.
  • You get a 5% discount everyday on purchases.

Our co-op depends on the willingness to volunteer, so come on down and be a part of our community!

What Can You Buy?
We carry many different brands and items. For example, we carry:

  • A wide variety of organic and locally grown produce
  • Free range meats: bison, beef, pork, chicken, etc.
  • Sustainable, wild fish
  • Bulk food items
  • Bob’s Red Mill
  • Cadia Organic & All-natural Products
  • Annie’s Mac & Cheese
  • Soul Vegan
  • Explore Asia
  • Fresh, local, organic eggs
  • Gluten-free Breads
  • GMO-free milk
  • Recycled paper goods
  • Organic pet supplies
  • And much more!

Everyone is WELCOME and membership is not required.  See you soon!

Our location: 1941 Ridge Road; Homewood, Illinois 60430. (We are located in downtown  Homewood, by the corner of Dixie Highway and Ridge Road, two doors west of the US Post Office.)

Hours: Monday-Saturday: 8am – 8 pm & Sunday 10am – 5pm

Phone: 1 (708) 647-1737

Find us on Facebook at: Beans & Greens